As long time professionals, our team is highly skilled and has years of experience in the manufactured housing industry. We're committed to helping you navigate FHA/HUD, VA and Conventional home mortgage loan requirements for your new or used manufactured home and quite a bit more!

Magnum All-Steel Skirt Wall System

​for Manufactured Homes

We provide ASCE 32.01 Frost Protected Shallow Foundations for Manufactured Homes. This state of the art technology provides an affordable foundation option for those buying a new or used manufactured home. Each foundation is fully engineered and meets the requirements of the HUD Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes and HUD CFR Part 3285. A HUD/FHA Compliant Permanent Foundation Engineering Certification is available with every installation. 

When selling or buying a manufactured home a lending institute will require a manufactured home be on a permanent foundation. We can inspect your existing manufactured home and let you know what upgrades you will need in order to be compliant with FHA/HUD, VA and Conventional lending requirements. If your home is already on a permanent foundation or you have upgraded your foundation to meet HUD and lending requirements we can order an Engineering Certification for your home. 

Engineered Alternative Permanent Foundations for Manufactured Homes


Foundation Inspection and Engineering Certification

​for Manufactured Homes


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Engineered, designed and tested to resist ultimate uplift and horizontal loads fully into Wind Zone III and a great option for existing homes. We can install the OTI All Steel V Brace Truss Piers in conjunction with your existing skirt wall to ​​​​meet the requirements for FHA/HUD, VA and Conventional home mortgage when selling, buying or simply upgrading your home. An Engineering Certification is available with each installation.

HUD/FHA Permanent Foundation Anchor System

for Manufactured Homes

We provide a heavy duty insulated and coated steel panel skirt wall for manufactured homes designed with harsh climates in mind. The Magnum All-Steel Skirt Wall System is an easy replacement for flimsy vinyl and wood or Masonite skirting and easily conforms to bump outs, bay windows and other challenging home or site conditions. If you are a DIYer you can install this wall yourself or we can install it for you.